Park Güell

Enjoy Antoni Gaudí's genius

Just a brief stroll, a mere ten minutes from Hotel Ronda Lesseps, unfolds the enchanting allure of Park Güell, an architectural gem in Barcelona. Crafted by Antoni Gaudí, Park Güell seamlessly marries nature and art across its 45 acres, earning its UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Perched on Carmel Hill, the park gifts visitors with panoramic views of Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea.

Gaudí’s genius reveals itself at every turn in Park Güell, from the famed serpentine bench to the iconic dragon sculpture at the entrance. Vibrant mosaic tiles, organic shapes, and imaginative structures imbue the park with a whimsical ambiance. To optimize your visit, secure tickets in advance and explore during the serene early morning or late afternoon hours.

For Hotel Ronda Lesseps guests, the proximity to Park Güell ensures a seamless connection to one of Barcelona’s most iconic landmarks. After a day of exploration, retreat to the hotel’s comfort, enhancing the fusion of accommodation and cultural immersion. Park Güell beckons, offering an ideal synthesis of nature and art, an unmissable destination in the heart of Barcelona.