Gracia District



Discover Gracia, Barcelona’s hidden gem, a mere eight-minute walk from Hotel Ronda Lesseps. Known for its narrow, tree-lined streets and charming squares, Gracia boasts a unique village ambiance, preserving its rich Catalan traditions and roots since its days as an independent town in the 1800s. Unlike Barcelona’s bustling city center, Gracia offers a peaceful escape, untouched by tourist crowds, making it an authentic local haven.

Perfectly situated for guests at Hotel Ronda Lesseps, Gracia is easily accessible and ideal for those looking to explore the true essence of Barcelona. Its pedestrian-friendly streets invite leisurely exploration, leading to picturesque squares perfect for resting during your wanderings. Gracia’s vibrant community, a blend of hipsters, young families, and the elderly, contributes to the neighborhood’s dynamic and welcoming vibe.

Staying at Hotel Ronda Lesseps not only places you close to Barcelona’s cultural heart but also within reach of the authentic and lively atmosphere Gracia is celebrated for. Experience the unforgettable charm of Gracia during your stay at Hotel Ronda Lesseps, your gateway to an immersive Barcelona adventure.